100% Alpaca Mittens with Polar Fleece Lining


100% Alpaca mitten with polar fleece lining. Perfect for those chilly days - and that lining will keep that breeze out!
Alpaca is hypoallergenic, lanolin free, softer than sheeps wool and warmer than sheeps wool. It is considered a luxury item by most that wear it!

Size - large (perfect for women with larger hands and men)

Reviews (4)


Nice quality mittens. Very soft; not too stretchy due to the polar fleece liners. I will test them in Alaska in October. A little snug for my large women's hands. I can (barely) palm a basketball and normally choose a larger size. I will definitely use them or pass them on to one of my kids with smaller hands. Hopefully this is helpful to someone, as they are One Size. Edit: I just took these to Alaska along with other gloves and mittens. These were hands-down the best and warmest, even in 2°F temperatures and I did not need any of the others!

Comfortable, well made mittens that get the job done and are easy to get on and off. Highly recommend.

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