Alpaca Boot/Shoe Inserts


100% Alpaca Boot/shoe inserts will add extra cushion and support along with extra warmth to your shoes or boots. Feet can sweat up to 1/4 cup a day! Alpaca is a natural fiber that will help to whick away that moisture and keep your feet dry and warm in these cold winter months. Perfect for the outdoor activities such as ice fishing, hunting, snowblowing, shoveling, snow tubing, or every day wear!

They are also good for summer wear as they will help to keep your feet cool and dry in the warm summer months! You really can't go wrong with these booth/shoe inserts!

Choose your size based on the length of your show, then trim to fit as needed:

Lengths x Widths:
Medium 10.25" x 4"
Large 11.5" x 4.5"
XLarge 12.25" x 5"

these arrived fast and are great quality. they're pretty thick, so i haven't been able to use them in my winter shoes yet. i use minimalist/zero drop shoes and this style of insert was highly recommended among those in my shoe group. i might try to cut them in half thickwise to fit my current shoes that have a smaller toe box. i haven't cut them down on the edges yet, which would certainly help as well. i just wanted to be sure which shoe i was going to use them with before shaping. definitely recommended though and glad i purchased even if i'm not yet reaping the benefit.

They work well. Thank You.

Love them!! Fast shipping. Really comfy.

Great product, quick ship!

Excellent, warm, comfortable. My wife love them. I'm going to order one for myself.

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